Friday, April 18, 2014

April Wishlist

As you may have seen, I recently won ModCloth's Twirl Around The World contest and received a $350 gift certificate! Huzzah! You may think I'd just go to town and order a bunch of stuff from my wishlist (which is pretty long), but I'm always hesitant when it comes to things like this. I don't want to just splurge and order anything and everything all at once. I keep thinking that I'm going to order things and then something new and better will come in and I'll wish I got that instead. It's sort of like a Murphy's Law type thing or something. I've been checking the New Arrivals every day to see if anything comes in that really screams YES at me. There are a ton of things that I really like and would wear, but I often wait for something that is a definite yes within the first second of seeing it. That's how I know I really want it. I know it's not too big of a deal since ModCloth does offer free returns and exchanges, but I guess I just tend to overthink things. Included below are a couple of the things that are on my ModCloth wishlist.

I only heard of Le Bomb Shop recently, but they have so many things that I want! That striped dress in the upper left corner is at the top of my list, though. I love the colors and the vintage-esque shape! I also love high-waisted shorts, but I find that it's hard to find a pair that are both comfy and not too short. I don't need people getting a peek at my cheeks! The black shorts from Le Bomb Shop look like they offer proper coverage.

I'm also loving Bonne Chance Collection's pink polka dot dress since it's really perfect for spring, and I love easy to wear lady ties like the grey one from ASOS. Chris got me a black one from there, which I still need to wear (I've been waiting for the weather to warm up because there's a certain dress I want to wear it with), but I love how it just snaps on. Really simple and easy! I'd love some more colors to choose from. Oh, and I love tortoise shell so that's why I really love those sunglasses from Ruche! By the way, you can get 15% of our Ruche order from 4/19-4/25 with code AFFILIATE15! :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Into The Ocean, Into The Sun

Boy, life has gotten so hectic that I'm finding it hard to keep up with my usual posting schedule! It's kind of sad when you're too drained to even edit pictures...haha. I also don't have as much time to take pictures, so you may see fewer posts for now, unfortunately. It's hard to squeeze in photoshoots in the 20-30 minutes of free time I have between things during the week. I pretty much live for the weekends when I can have days like the one I had when I took these pictures. It was gorgeous out and I felt like we could finally go hang out at the beach without being freezing. SPRING'S FINALLY HERE, YOU GUYS.




Weekends are for lazing around outside and taking in as much fresh air and sunlight as you least for me anyway. I live for being able to travel around and enjoy the outdoors. I envy those travel bloggers who make a living by just seeing the world and writing about it. That is my dream life - to be paid to travel. I really need to look more into travel credit cards so that I can start earning miles and hopefully be able to earn enough for some cool vacations! It can be overwhelming trying to pick one, though. Just another thing on my list!





Weekends are also for sleeping in and then waking up to play iPhone games for an hour as you lay around in bed. Saturdays are my favorite because they are usually spent sleeping in and then galavanting and spending the day with Chris and sometimes our friends. Plus they end with the promise of another day of sleeping in and relaxing.





Nadia came down to hang out for the day (she lives a good drive away), which is always fun since we don't get to see each other enough! Whenever we visit each other, we always try to take each other to places that the other hasn't been yet. I had decided that this local beach would be nice since the weather was great, so Chris and I met up with her there. It was so nice to sit on the rocks and enjoy the view, the warmth, and the smell of the ocean.





We ended up heading to one of my favorite Mexican restaurants for dinner later on. I can never get enough burritos. Ever. Chris and I make our own crunchwraps every now and then and it's one of my favorite meals. I always feel like I'm going to explode afterwards, but it's worth it. It would be a crunchy, spicy, delicious death.





This red hat is one of the hats I got at the vintage show I was talking about in my last post. I love wearing red, but red accessories are especially fun because they can add just the right amount of pop to an outfit. Plus, it's an essential color for a nautical scheme. :)



Dress: Suger via LalaMagic//Hat: Vintage//Shoes: Dana Buchman via Kohl's//Belt: Forever 21//Tights: L'eggs//Lipstick: Flirt! via Kohl's
Easter is coming up, and I am planning on doing some baking this weekend. I am always called upon to bake a dessert for family holidays. I'm thinking about making Easter-themed cupcakes this year. I rarely make cupcakes, so it'll be a nice change for me. I was originally going to make a cake, but ain't nobody got time for that. Cupcakes are much easier, so cupcakes it is.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Vintage Show

Last weekend Chris and I went to a vintage clothing show, which is basically like a giant fair/expo for vintage clothing. There were a bunch of booths where different vintage stores were set up with items to sell. It was like vintage heaven. There were so many amazing pieces and it was a really great selection. After I had looked around at everything, I realized that I didn't want it to end and have to leave. I wish there were even more vendors, though what they had was already a bit overwhelming. There was so much to look at, but I loved looking through everything and trying to find something special. That's the fun of it!





I found a few dresses that I really liked and tried them all on. A few were too big, one was to small, but one fit great, so I got it. It was only $30! I don't know if it was because it was the last day of the show, but I got everything for really cheap, and that's why I was able to get so many things! I've heard that if you go on the last day of these sorts of things that you will get great deals because people are trying to get rid of stock. I mean, one of the hats I got was marked at $55 and I got it for $5. That's insane.






I ended up with a dress, two hats, a scarf, and a shirt all for about $60. That's usually the price of one dress on Etsy, and that's usually the lowest you find. I always find amazing vintage dresses that I would love, but that cost over $100. That's a bummer when you're on a budget! I was so excited and surprised to find that many of the pieces at the show were very reasonably priced.






I was feeling retro that day, especially given the event I was going to, so I opted for a little leopard, some red accessories and a petticoat-esque skirt. Looking at pictures of the outfit, I'm not too sure how I feel about it, but I like it enough. I like it better without the sweater. I can't wait until it's warmer out so I can wear this leopard bodysuit with my denim high-waisted shorts.





I wasn't sure about where to take pictures since I wasn't familiar with the exact area that the show was in. On the way back, Chris and I decided we were hungry so we stopped at a diner nearby. It turned out to look pretty retro on the outside, which was a perfect place for these pictures. I really love old, retro looking diners. I love diners in general because I love having a huge variety of things to pick from. I would probably pick a diner over a big fancy restaurant. I love going out somewhere fancy, but usually I just want a burger or a grilled cheese with bacon or a grilled chicken salad. Either that, or I want Mexican food. Ugh, I just love food. A lot.



Bodysuit: Forever 21//Skirt: Funhouse NYC//Tights: Gypsy via ASOS//Shoes: Dana Buchman via Kohl's//Sweater: Take Out//Belt: Forever 21//Sunglasses: Hot Topic//Lipstick: Flirt! via Kohl's
I really want to go to more vintage shows. I would definitely go back to this one next year, and I plan to! I was really impressed, and I got to discover some new companies to shop with for vintage. Always a good thing!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Life Punches and Picnics just have a bad day. Sometimes it's because you had a horrible dream, so you woke up in a weird mood that made you just want to hate the day. Sometimes it's because you're just having bad luck with random things all day and it makes you just want to punch the day in its face. Sometimes you're so tired and overworked that you know you should just admit defeat to the day as soon as you get out of bed because it's going to kick you in the ass and there's nothing you can do about it because you are too exhausted to care. Sometimes...your day just SUCKS.





I had one of these days recently where I was late or almost late to everything I had to go to because of head-on collisions causing the road to be blocked off or forgetting things that were important. Oh, and let's not get started on getting stuck behind a school bus. So many traffic annoyances, so little time. I could probably write an entire post on all of the things that annoy me while driving. That could be interesting.




Whenever I have these days, I am usually not pleasant to be around. I'm probably going to be swearing, yelling, and occasionally crying if things are that frustrating, and it's not going to be pretty. The exception to this is if I'm in a professional setting, of course. I'm not going to go apeshit at work or if I'm playing with my niece or something. Actually, my niece usually makes bad days feel a little better, except when she screeches at 8 in the morning and wakes me up, then continues to screech so I can't get back to sleep. Ahh, children. I'm getting off topic...





I find it the most helpful to have someone to go to when you're having a bad day where you can just vent and have a good cry and have them say, "yeah, that sucks" and then move on from it. Sometimes you just need 10 minutes to feel badly about things, then you're good. It helps to have someone who isn't going to judge you for freaking out for a little bit, too.





When these pictures were taken,  I wasn't having a particularly bad day but for some reason I was a little cranky. It was really windy, which made things colder and annoying to take pictures in and I had re-ripped a part of this dress that I had sewn up. Oh, and there was goose poop EVERYWHERE in this grass. Other than that, it was a good day.


Dress: Vintage//Sweater: Take Out//Tights: L'eggs//Shoes: Dana Buchman via Kohl's//Strawberry Pin: Vintage
I figured this dress would be appropriate for a picnic. It's a vintage dress that I think I got off eBay back when I was obsessed with searching eBay for the perfect vintage dress. Sometimes I wish I still had the time (and money) to do that. Anyway...I love having picnics and I'm glad that it's finally warm enough to start having them again. Next time maybe we will have one when it's not so windy out. ;)