Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ren Faires Call For Flower Crowns

Last month I went to a renaissance faire with Chris, Nadia, her boyfriend Jon, and her little brother. Mainly, we love to go to renaissance faires for the food, but the atmosphere is always fun as well. I love how into everything the cast and workers get. It's really great! I have always loved theater, so it's cool to see it still alive in a really cool form.





It was super hot and I ended up getting a sunburn. I realized that I didn't get any pictures of the back of this dress, but there's a cutout in the lower back of it. That made for a weird This is my first high-low dress! It's the first one that I found that isn't too long or has too harsh of an angle.

renaissance faire, flower crown, high low dress, hi-low dress, ren faire, ren faire fashion



This is probably the first time that I didn't get a turkey leg at a renaissance faire. For some reason, I just wasn't feeling it. I opted for the mac and cheese with pulled pork, which was decent. I also got a drink that came in a pineapple because I always wanted to drink out of a pineapple. They were serving smoothies in them and you could either get strawberry or pina colada. I got the pina colada one and Nadia got the strawberry one. She also balanced it on her head. I've never actually had a real pina colada, so that's on my bucket list for this year.

pineapple drink, drink out of a pineapple


pineapple drink, drink out of a pineapple


We saw some shows and walked around, trying to beat the heat any way we could. Chris participated in a sword fight with a knight and he did pretty good! He and Jon also did a bunch of other things that they received special stickers for, and they got "knighted".

sword fighting, ren faire, renaissance faire, fake swords




The necklace I'm wearing is actually my mom's. They were charms that she collected when she was young. I really liked the little rose detail on it and the shape of the hook. I was happy to take it when she offered it to me because it's vintage and because I love having a little piece of my mom's past and history. It's one of those sentimental pieces.

charm necklace, vintage necklace, vintage charm necklace
Dress: Forever 21//Shoes: Payless//Necklace: Handed down from my mom//Flower Crown: Made by Chris//Sunglasses: H&M
Since it was a renaissance faire and especially because it had a spring theme, I knew I had to wear one of the flower crowns that Chris made me. I always seem to go for the one he made me with both flowers/colors on it. I think it's because I tend to wear a flower crown with solid, plain pieces so the different colors add more to the outfit. I'll make it a small goal that I should wear the other ones he made me! One is with just all the white flowers and the other is with just all the little sunflowers.

flower crown, sunflowers, sunflower crown, sunflower flower crown, yellow and white flower crown, ren faire, renaissance faire

harlot, wooden sign, ren faire

mudblood, mud blood, harry potter, renaissance faire, ren faire, wooden sign


As for an update on moving, the day is close at hand! I will be moving into the apartment on Sunday! Eep! I need to start packing up my clothes. I've decided it'll just be easiest to pack everything in a suitcase to bring it all over. Other than that, I just have the drawers of my side table and my TV stand to clean out and then all the furniture. As the day approaches, I keep thinking how weird it will be to not be in the same bedroom anymore. It's going to be a weird feeling to stare at a different ceiling from now on, but it's a good change and it's going to feel amazing. It's definitely the right and next step in my life at this point and I'm really excited for it all! :)


  1. I haven't been to a Ren faire since I was a kid, but I've been wanting to go. Looks like you had a ton of fun and you look adorable! I adore your flower crown and shoes as little pops of color. I hope moving goes well too!

  2. I like this is a simple but very pretty outfit, especially the charms, which have such sweet meaning!

  3. Good luck on your move! That's really exciting! I can't wait to have something like that to look forward to. Also that picture with the harlot sign is the best thing ever.

    I love the flower headband you wore here. It's super spring-y and pretty! It matches your shoes perfectly too! Very cute!

    Jamie |

  4. Ugh you KNOW Renaissance Faires are my FAVORITE and you get to go to so many!! I wish we could go to the one near NYC on our meet-up (or that you could come to the one in Sterling with me!). A close friend of mine from college worked at our closest Ren Faire last summer, and it was so fun because she had to stay in character with us. I'm trying to convince my mom to go with me this summer (I really want to dress up as a fairy this year... you know I go all out). There are WINE SLUSHES at ours that are amaaazing (and I don't even like wine!), and I always WANT turkey legs but they're so messy and they end up being unsatisfying lol. I love this high-low gray dress on you! I'm not always a fan of that particular hemline, but it's really gorgeous here. And of course, yes, flower crowns are required for Ren Faires. :) This was the longest comment ever.

    xoxox Sammi

  5. I haven't been to a Ren Faire in forever, but your outfit is adorable! I'd love to wear a flower crown out to a Ren Faire!

  6. So much fun! I love Ren Fairs! Love the floral crown and yes it's always a must to wear one while your there.

  7. check your fb inbox, sara

  8. You look absolutely adorable and I am in love with your pineapple cup!

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